Cab Trimming


Specialized in thermo-compression forming of trim-parts for industrial cab-facing and automotive. Many well-established manufacturers use our self supporting headliners, door panels, etc. 
Depending on the material you choose, you benefit from different advantages:

  • Acoustic and thermal performance
  • Low weight and high dimensional stability 
  • Few fixation points
  • Low tool cost



Isoglass is a material of 100% fibre-glass, cured in a heated mould. Higher tool costs, but it gives the best acoustic performance. Enables variable thickness for better noise-absorption and for cut-outs and assembly. Toplayer can be a non-woven or a textile. Backing is a PES non-woven. The parts are very rigid and provide an aspect of […]

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Isobond is an acoustical insulation consisting of a layer of densified polyester and, eventually, a layer of acoustical foam. It also enables variable thickness for better noise-absorption and assembly. The toplayer can be a PES non-woven or a PES textile. The composite offers a 100% PES, recyclable product.  Advantages Rigid Temperature resistant Variable thickness for cut […]

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Isoplast is a material based on Polyester or on Polypropylene. Low tool costs, egally reduced thickness, rigid and temperature resistant. Toplayer can be a non-woven or a textile. Equal thickness of 4 mm. Weighs about 2100 gr/m².  Advantages Rigid Temperature resistant Reduced thickness Properties Carrier: polyprop 2100 gr/m² Finishing: polyester 400 gr/m² Total weight: 2500 gr/m² ± […]

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Isoprint is a non-woven composition, with an equal thickness all over the surface. Available in 2 to 4 mm. The main characteristics of this product are: lightness, absence of phenolic substances and the recycling potential using monocomponent 100% polyester fibre. The surface is printed, available with different patterns and various colour shades.

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This definition covers a range of acoustical and trimming insulation, intented primarily as monster energy outlet sound barrier material for covering cabfloors. Available in a variety of compositions, and with a variety of toplayers and barriers. All floormats can be covered with a 100% removable protective transparent film. The protective film does not leave any residue […]

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Dashboards and other rigid plastic parts

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