Converting facility

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We provide precise converting services for all types of material and finishing. This includes such methods as die-cutting and waterjet cutting applied to both small series as well as high volume parts.


2D and 3D Waterjets

Waterjet is the preferred method when the cut materials are delicate or sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods. We have full automated, state-of-the-art Waterjets for accurate cutting of any material into the desired shape and format. From 2D to complex 3-D shapes, our Waterjets are capable of slicing into metal, plastics, high-density […]

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Full-automated Horizontal, Vertical cutting and slicing

We have manual Horizontal saws for small volumes and automated Horizontal and Vertical saws to cut more precise and larger volumes faster. These saws can perform more complex cuts. We offer also precise slicing of a variety of materials, woven textiles, laminates or fiberglass.

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Die Cutting 200T

We offer flatbed cutting of any materials and compositions such as rubber, fiber, foam, textiles and plastics. Our dies are flawless and made of steel. Our production process lends itself to smaller production runs and up to large volumes, as well as rapid-prototyping and 0-series. Whatever the design or the finishing you need, we are […]

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Hydraulic 300T Presses

Thermo-compression forming of trim-parts for industrial cab-facing and automotive, for self supporting headliners, door panels, etc.

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Pneumatic Presses

Compression trim-parts for industrial cab-facing and automotive. Many well-established manufacturers use our self supporting headliners, door panels, etc.

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Different materials, barriers and top-layers can be applied through heat and/or pressure to foams and fibers and other materials. We offer various production processes to composite layers of fibrous and adhesive materials to provide protection and decoration with specific heat, sound and anti-vibration properties.

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Manual Assembly

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Quality control

We continuously manage and control our entire supply chain and manufacturing procedures. We use the well-known 6 Sigma quality management approach to drive down defects and errors and to improve quality standards. We are also ISO 9001 certified. We received a Bronze Level award from Caterpillar for our continuous quality in our supply chain.  

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Lean Supply Chain

Isoform’s just-in-time delivery, efficient stock management and short time-to-manufacture give you the competitive advantage you are looking for.We make sure we are on top of the production process. We track any product from the moment it enters our building through the converting conversion process and during its shipping and delivery.

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Design & Engineering

We offer design and engineering services from Art-to-Part, through our sister company vision engineering. They stand for innovation, dynamism, and are experts in technology. Their concepts mark a starting point for many best practices.  As Managing Partner, Joeri De Vriesere states: “visionengineering provides a wide portfolio of conceptual design, prototyping, and manufacturing services for a […]

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We design, develop and produce outstanding thermoformed parts through our sister company BTL Plastics. This enables us to create the needed synergy in developing your projects.  As Benoit Braet, Managing Partner states: “With our know-how, our state-of-the-art production machines, and the control we have over the entire production processes we can face almost all challenges […]

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