Heat Insulation


We understand heat.

isoform offers professional thermic control solutions for commercial and industrial applications. We offer solutions for the insulation and lining of cabins and engines of industrial vehicles, trucks and coaches, automotive, industrial vehicles, air-conditioning and industrial machinery. Products combine thermal as well as acoustic insulation capabilities.

Heat insulation helps save energy and preserves the environment by cutting wasted fuel and reducing CO2 emissions. Such emission reductions can be achieved through the use of the right insulation  technologies. Important to comply with the Tier 4 emission standards. We supply the most economic, efficient, high performance heat insulation material available. With an excellent resistance to radiant heat, gasses and oil, our materials also perform as excellent sound blocking devices. They enable effective insulation with minimal use of space. Our products are flat, or 3D modeled.

 Having trouble deciding what is best for you? With more than two decades of experience we have gathered an outstanding range of converting and manufacturing solutions. We offer expert advice to help you determining which options best meet your specific situation. If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact our specialists.