Isodamp MBK1,6

Bitumen impregnated cardboard, with self-adhesive back. Weight : 1,6 Kg/m². Thickness : 1,5 mm

Product Description

is a composite material of a bitumen rag felt and a self-adhesive dampening mass based on bitumen/SBS.

Main function

Structure borne sound dampening (anti-drumming)


Mechanical engineering, vehicle contruction, construction machinery, vehicle cabs, etc.

Technical information

Thickness (mm) 1.6 ± 0.1%
Weight (kg / m³) 1.45 ± 0.1%
Loss factor DIN EN ISO 6721-3: D200 Hz at 20°C 0.050
Thermal stability DIN 52 123 ( °C) Vertical application:  80 °C/24h ≤ 1 mm, 100 °C/ 2h ≤ 1 mm

Over-head:               100 °C

Adhesive strength at 20°C (N/cm) 10 min adhesion ≥ 7

24 h adhesion ≥ 10

Burning behavior DIN 4102 B 2

Special feature

Gives a light stiffening effect on thin sheet metal, water resistant.


The surface must be carefully cleaned from dust, grease, oil and water. Full area adhesion has to be insured. The adhesion strength is directly dependent from the processing pressure.

The material has to be pressed in firmly, e.g. using a feed roll.

Processing temperature: 18 – 25 °C

Storage conditions

Dry at temperatures between 18 – 35 °C

Max. storage time: 6 months

Standard sheet size

1000 x 1000 mm

Specific formats and cut-outs on demand.