Isodamp MBK3,1

Bitumen impregnated cardboard , with self-adhesive back. Weight : 3,1 Kg/m². Thickness : 3 mm

Product Description

is bitumen impregnated cardboard, with self adhesive back. Weight : 3.1 kg/m². Thickness : 3 mm. The cardboard is water and oil resistant.


Isodamp MBK3.1

is used as sound insulation in engine rooms of machines, vehicles, boats, building and construction,…

Also used as vibration damper for engines, metal furniture, electrical equipment, metal sheets,…


  • Sheets of 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Specific formats and cut-outs on demand.

Bitumen Characteristics

Thickness 3 mm
Density  3.1 kg/m³


Self-extinguishing (MVSS302; UL94 : HBF)

Heat Resistance

80°C to -30°C.

Damping Factor d

Temperature – 20 °C 0 °C 20 °C 40 °C 60 °C
d (DIN 53440) 0.06 0.15 0.14 0.05 0.03


Bonding surfaces must be smooth, clean and dry. Ideal tape application temperature is 20 to 35 °C. Apply firm pressure for a good adhesive contact and bond strength. The ultimate bond strength will be achieved after 24 hours.

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