Sound Insulation

We understand sound and vibrations

Professional soundproofing and noise control solutions for Commercial and Industrial applications as well as at Home.

isoform offers solutions for the insulation and lining of cabins and engines of industrial vehicles, trucks and coaches, automotive, air-conditioning and industrial machinery. We are committed to provide you with the most reliable solution. There is no standard solution. We will help you define the best material-composition.

We offer soundproofing products for acoustic insulation, sound absorption and anti-vibration. Made with the best materials they combine a high specific mass with a high internal damping. They block airborne, as well as contact sound. Various products also offer heat insulation.

Every noise problem has its unique qualities, and therefore its own specific solution. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists to find a solution that best suits you.
All sound insulating materials can be laminated with a self-adhesive. They also can be provided die cutted according to your drawings. Technical data, sheetsize, rollsize are available on request.